Just Think

sky-earth-galaxy-universeYou ever see the movie The Day After Tomorrow? One morning everything is fine. The next morning the whole Earth has frozen over.

Why did it happen?

Because climate change was happening and the population was way too slow to adapt.

But that’s not just the words of Hollywood – that’s actually a reality.

Humans need to do a better job of saving our planet.

The only way that will ever get done is if humans spread the word about what is going on with our Environment.

One voice cannot possibly change the world, but an idea can. Yes, I just quoted the movie Inception.

But it’s true. One idea can spread like wildfire. The ideas that generally do spread are marketed by those who are most persuasive.

As one person, we have a hard time spreading the ideas as so few of those individuals mentioned above exist. However, when the voices of many are spreading the idea, then it can spread like wildfire.

Let’s band together and help spread the word.