Effect of Dogs on Climate Change

The effect of wild dogs on climate change cannot be understated. There is a prevalent problem that has been plaguing the world that has gone unnoticed. This is the impact of having roaming, wild dogs throughout the forests.

While it may not seem like a big deal since there are plenty of animals in the wild, it’s particularly damning to the environment if dogs are allowed to roam around in the wild.

The premise is simple – dogs have become domesticated and simply do not have any defined place out in the wild.

The non-domesticated species that are out in the wild have evolved to adapt to one another and their climate. Dogs aren’t part of that evolution.

Dogs eat prey that naturally wild species are supposed to be feeding on to thrive. When this happens, those animals turn to eating vegetation instead of meat. This puts a great strain on the plant-life in the ecosystem. As a result, climate change occurs.

So what is being done about it?

A team of professors have recently taken on 10 post-doctoral students to capture all of the roaming wild dogs that are in the forests using dog crates.

They have received a privately funded grant to purchase large dog crates and bring them to the wild to catch dogs. The dog crates are made of heavy-duty metal and are nearly indestructible. They opted for heavy-duty dog crates to ensure that the wild dogs aren’t going to break out of the dog cage.

Once the dogs are caught in the dog crates, they will be retrieved that same day and taken to an animal care facility.

At that point scientists will keep the dogs in their dog crates, but will perform tests on the dogs. They want to see what kind of pathogens the wild dogs are housing and what their diet consists of. The dogs will remain in their dog cages at all times – both for the safety of the dog and for the safety of the scientists.

It’s going to be a large scale project, and the team will probably need to purchase many dog crates to accomplish this goal, but they are confident that they can help put into place a plan to alleviate the world of this problem.